The Eco Hotel La Cabaña offers the choice of two unique spaces, both with unrestricted access to their natural surroundings and the same uncompromising level of comfort.

Mountain House

Offering five well-appointed rooms, each with their own distinct character. All of which open onto a spacious veranda that runs around the entirety of the building, offering a tranquil vantage point to soak up your surroundings.


In this house you will find the quaint dining room where we serve a delicious and varied breakfast to start your day.


River House


Over the lane, Cabaña del Monte offers a further four bedrooms with the same unchanged comfort. As its name implies, its charm lies in its close proximity to the river Quindio. From here you can catch a glimpse of the rare ducks that grace the river´s waters.


You will have the opportunity to visit the Cabaña del Monte during breakfast and any time you want!



+(57) 311-300-5810

+(57) 321-205-9911

Salento, Quindío



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¡Todas las personas son bienvenidas a nuestro hotel! - Everyone is welcome to our hotel!

Código de conducta

El Eco Hotel La Cabaña rechaza la explotación y abuso sexual de menores de edad, un delito penalizado por la ley colombiana. (Decreto 1524 de 2002)

El Eco Hotel La Cabaña rechaza el tráfico ilegal de fauna silvestre, delito penalizado por la ley colombiana (Decreto 1608 de 1978 y ley penal 599 de 2000.

Eco Hotel La Cabaña rejects the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors, a crime criminalized by Colombian law.(Decree 1524 of 2002)
Eco Hotel La Cabaña rejects the illegal traffic of wildlife, a crime penalized by Colombian law (Decree 1608 of 1978 and criminal law 599 of 2000.