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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to La Cabaña Eco Hotel?

The Eco Hotel La Cabaña is located 5 minutes from Salento on the road to Cocora Valley. To get to the hotel you can take a Jeep or Willys, which are known as the "taxis" of the region. This jeeps can be taken from the main square of Salento and has a cost of 4,000 COP (1,5 USD) per person to the hotel if shared with other people. If you want to take a private one, the price is 12,000 COP (4 USD) to the hotel. * You can find our location in Waze under the name "Eco Hotel La Cabaña" In case your arrive to Pereira o Armenio bus terminals or airports, we offer transportation service directly to the hotel with the following rates:
- Pereira Airport - Matecaña: 155,000 COP
- Pereira bus terminal: 155,000 COP
- Armenia Airport - El Eden: 125,000 COP
- Armenia bus Terminal: 90,000 COP If you require transportation, please contact us in advance here. For those people who travel from Medellín by bus, the transport company "Flota Occidental" offers direct trips at various times during the day.
You can consult the information in the following link:

How can I move around if I don't have a car?

At the Eco Hotel La Cabaña we know that our facilities are little far from Salento so for your comfort, whenever we can we transport our guests to several places. In case we cannot transport them or if they want more autonomy, in Salento we have "Jeeps" or "Willys" that work as the "taxis" of the area. It's easy to find them and they have good prices.

Can we eat at the hotel or somewhere around?

At the Eco Hotel La Cabaña we know that some restaurants are a bit far from our location. For this reason we offer delicious dishes for both lunch and dinner. And we are always willing to fulfill the cravings of our guests and we can prepare other options to satisfy them always. In our menu you can find the following dishes:
- Grilled trout
- Trout with garlic
- Grilled chicken
- Carbonara paste
- Chorizos
- Serrano ham sandwich and brie cheese - special of the house
- Loin to the rag - (scheduled in advance) * We also have vegetarian and vegan options when needed

How is the Cocora Valley's climate? What should I bring with me?

If you have never been to Colombia before there is something you should know... Climate is crazy! So never trust wheather forecast... it is almost never right. So be ready for everyhting. Although the weather in the hotel is very changeable, there are very sunny days and some very cold, the nights are generally cold.
We recommend you to bring:
- Wind cut jacket or rain coat
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Hat or cap
- Hiking boots or tennis shoes that can get dirty
- Comfortable clothes for walks
- Thermo

What services does the hotel offer?

For us one of the most important aspects is the comfort of our guests. This is why we offer services in each room and around the hotel to meet and exceed your expectations such as: - Free Wifi in the entire hotel
- Satellite television
- Coffee and tea station 24 hours a day
- Bottle of drinking water
- Rest areas in the corridors.
- Access to all areas of the hotel: river, grasslands and both houses (except in "Full House" mode)
- Laundry service
- Hot water
- Minibar in all rooms
- Transportation - Airports and transport terminals
- Kitchen (Cabaña del Río)
- Table games
- Printer
- Amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner, bathing cap, moisturizer and sewing kit)
- Towels
- Daily room cleaning
- Free parking

Do I have to book activities in advance?

Activities that take place directly with the hotel such as horseback riding, can be scheduled once you arrive at the hotel. It is not necessary to schedule the following activities:
- Coffee tour
- Walks in the Cocora Valley Check availability in advance of activities outside the hotel such as:
- Salento Cycling
- Paramo Trek

Can I bring my pet with me?

Off Course! We are animal lovers. We are pet friendly and we are interested in your pet's welfare.
Make sure you bring all the necessary accessories for the pet's and other guests safety .
It is important that you have with you the vaccination card and that you have both internal and external deworming.
Keep in mind that in the property we also animals of our own and although they are extremely friendly, your pet is the one that enters their territory. We do not want accidents to happen so don't leave your pet alone while they get to know each other.

Is there parking at the hotel?

Yes, the parking is free for nights at the hotel in both houses.

What payment methods can I use at the hotel?

At Eco Hotel La Cabaña we accept the following payment methods:
- Cash
- Debit and credit cards (sometimes we have difficulties with the "American Express" franchise)
- PayPal
- Bank account transfer. (Bancolombia)